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Attention! Prior to use this site, please read these terms and conditions carefully. Using this site means that you accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use this site.

Using the site

LIMPIEZA PUROTECNICA S.A. Company (hereinafter “LPSA”) allows you to browse and download materials of this site (hereinafter “Site”) for personal non-commercial use only, and under conditions that you will keep all the information regarding copyright and other information about the property rights containing in starting materials and any their copies.

No portion of the content of this site (including, but not limited to, text, drawings, graphics, trademarks, images, photos, videos, audios, logos, designs, emblems etc.) or any other intellectual property of LPSA, must not be reproduced in any form without the express written consent of LPSA.

The content of this Site neither may be copied for commercial use or any distribution, nor may it be modified, exhibited for universal survey, disseminated of used in any other manner for social or commercial purposes. Any usage of these materials in other sites or computer networks is strictly banned.

This Site content is protected with the legislation on copyright, and any unauthorized usage of it may cause the violation of the copyright, trade mark legislation, and other property laws. Should you have violated any of these Conditions, you will be automatically deprived the right to use this Site, and you must immediately destroy all the materials loaded or printed from this Site.

Trade marks

The newest unique CAVI-JET TECHNOLOGY and EQUIPMENT are the patented systems, and the CAVI-JET brands are the trade marks of LIMPIEZA PUROTECNICA S.A. The other products and companies’ names mentioned in this document, may be the trade marks and/or servicing brands of their respective owners.

This Site may also contain the text, graphics, trademarks, images, photos, videos, audios, logos, designs, etc being subjected to their providers’ Copyright. Should you download any content from this site, you cannot delete any copyright or advices about the brands, trade marks etc., being the part of information and materials downloaded by you.

Denial of responsibility

Materials and services of this site (including software) are provided “as is”, without any guarantees, including the guarantee of vendibility, usability for any specific purpose and absence of attack on intellectual property. All LPSA obligations concerning its products, are defined only by agreements, basing on which they are provided, and no information form this Site can be construed as repealing such agreements. LPSA does not guarantee any future precision and completeness of the materials, software and services presented on this Site.

LPSA reserves its right to make any changes both in materials & services provided on this site, and in products & prices assigned in them at any time, without advise. Should the materials and services presented in this site become outdated, LPSA does not undertake to refresh them. Information on this Site may regard products, software and service unavailable in your country. Please address to the local LPSA representative to learn which products and services can be provided to you. The local laws may ban exclusion of the implied warranties, and thus these restrictions & exclusions may not cover you.

Limitation of liability

By no circumstances will LPSA Company, its providers, suppliers and other participants mentioned on this Site, bear liability for any damage (including, but not limited to the damage of the lost profit, data or business interruption) resulting from using this site or any sites containing links to this site, materials, information or any services provided by any of these sites basing on the guarantee, contract, civil suit or any other legal document and regardless to whether the LPSA Company had been advised about the likelihood of such kind of damage, or not.

Should the necessity of equipment servicing or maintenance, or the data correction arise due to using by you any materials, information or services from this site, you take all the related expenses upon yourself. The local legislation may not allow any denial or limitation of responsibility for incidental or indirect damage, thus, these restrictions might not have covered you.

Links to the sites belonging to other companies

Links to the sites belonging to other companies are made for users’ convenience only. When clicking any of these links, you leave this Site. The LPSA company does not check up the sites belonging to the other companies, does not manage them, and does not bear responsibility neither for these sites nor for their content. Thus, LPSA does not neither state its approval of these sites, nor gives any evaluation of these sites, information, software and other products located there, or possible results of using them. It is you who takes upon himself all the responsibility for using the sites of other companies this Site links to.

Using software

All the software (hereinafter SW”), which can be loaded from this Site, is a product of appropriate authors and/or their vendors, and is protected with copyright. The order of using this software is defined by the License Agreement Conditions (if available), which is provided together with Software or integrated into it (hereinafter – License Agreement). It is prohibited to download or install any software being provided by the License Agreement or having it integrated, without having not read and accepted them. Reproduction and repeated dissemination of this software, safe the cases described in appropriate License Agreement, are prohibited.  

Information about the users

LPSA Company does not use this Site to receive any confidential or personal information about the users . Any materials, information and other data (hereinafter “Information”) coming to this Site, will be regarded as non-confidential and not containing any personal information. LPSA does not undertake any obligations regarding this Information. Both LPSA Company and its employees are entitled to copy, disclose, disseminate this Information, include it into other products and use it in any other manner, and also use the data, images, videos, audios, text etc. integrated in it, for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. It is prohibited to locate or load to the site and from the site any materials of illegal, menacing, calumny, offensive, obscene, porno or any other type, which may infringe the applied legislation.

Users Forums

LPSA Company may, but is not obliged to, neither to monitor or record any areas of this Site, where the users locate their Information or intercommunicate with each other, including but not limited to the chats, news boards and other forums, nor to monitor such Information’s content. On the other hand, the LPSA does not bear any liability for this Information’s content, even if they contain any violations of copyright or confidentiality being juridically punishable, or any of menacing, calumny, and other illegal information. LPSA reserves its right to delete the messages containing materials being from the LPSA viewpoint, of an offensive, obscene type, or unacceptable due to any other reason.

General regulations

LPSA Company manages this Site from Barcelona, Spain. The LPSA Company does not state that materials or services available on this Site are usable, or may be received beyond the boundary of Spain, and any access to them from the regions where their contents contradict the local legislation, is banned. It is not allowed to use, export, or re-export materials or services available on this Site (and also any copies and modifications of them) which might have contradicted to the appropriate laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Spanish export laws and regulations. If you enter this site from beyond the boundary of Spain, you are doing it on initiative of your own, and thus it is you who bears the entire responsibility for following the local regulations. These Conditions are subjected to the legislation of Spain, and, in appropriate cases, to the legislation of Russia, and are to be construed according to them; no collision right is applicable.

LPSA Company is entitled to change these Conditions at any time, when reviewing this Document. Users should visit this site on periodical basis and make themselves familiar with the last version of these Conditions, since they regulate the relationships between the users and LPSA. Some of Conditions stated in these Rules may be revoked by some special conditions of use or juridical comments located on certain pages of this site.  

NOTE. When locating any references & links to the LPSA site, the RULES of locating the references and links to the LPSA sites, and also the appropriate regulation norms must be followed.

Rules of locating references & links to the LPSA sites

On the site where the references to the LPSA site are located, the following rules are to be observed.

  • It is allowed to create links to the LPSA information, but not to produce it.
  • It is not allowed to surround the informational content of LPSA by means of browser or any other programs.
  • It is not allowed to make an impression that LPSA supports the site owner or approves his product.
  • The site owner must not cast a false colour on his relationships with LPSA.
  • No false information about products and service provided by LPSA must be sited.
  • LPSA logo can not be used without its approval .
No information which may believed to be unpleasant, offensive, controversial or containing restrictions on age, may be located.
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