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Cavi-Jet Technology
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The newest CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT realized as CAVI-JET SYSTEMS AND DEVICES’ COMPLEXES is destined for high productive underwater cleaning of the river boats and sea - craft of any type and displacement:

Underwater cleaning of ships

  • large bulk-carriers, container ships, trawlers, bulkers, tankers
  • passenger and tourist ships
  • pleasure boats and yachts
  • floating docks and ancillary vessels
  • warships and submarines
  • special ships - floating drill boring plants, operational stations, scientific and research vessels etc.

CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT, being extra effective to remove the hard thick fouling, without damaging expensive paint and varnish anti-fouling coating, allows to execute high-speed and high-quality careen deep water cleaning of the vessels of any type at any stage of their movement:

  • in the stage of waiting for entering the port - on the roadstead
  • in the stage of loading and unloading and tanking activities in the port
  • in the stage of waiting for staging into dry dock or repair wharf
  • in the stage of the seasonal stand etc.
  • out at sea

Video/Photo Demonstration

CAVI-JET SYSTEMS are absolutely environmentally safe, since only the out board water is used for cleaning.

Cleaning tankers

This fact, and also the fact of the absence of the rubbing effects on the surface being treated, allows using CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT to clean tankers, oil-loading and floating filling stations.

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New Era in Underwater Cleaning