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Dear Gentlemen!

We are pleased to inform you that starting from the year of 2012, the LIMPIEZA PUROTECNICA S.A. starts world wide batching and delivery of its unique high productive CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT for cleaning large vessels (bulk-carriers, bulkers, tankers etc.), small vessels (motor and sail yachts, pleasure boats, cruisers etc.), and also for cleaning waterworks of different destination (piers, moorings, moles, oil and gas producing platforms, terminals, pipelines etc.), and other stationary objects - port constructions, office buildings etc.) to the all companies taking part in marine and offshore service. Using CAVI-JET SYSTEMS would allow conducting not only traditional works of underwater inspection and maintenance activities, but also to solve the ENTIRE COMPLEX of the underwater servicing tasks, including preliminary and basic cleaning fouling and contamination of any origin and thickness both from small and big area surfaces.

The basic features of our CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT, advisably discriminating it among the existing traditional devices presented in the modern market, are its unicity and unsurpassedness in the ways of cleaning, and their productivity. It is only water, which is being used for cleaning, without using any mechanical equipment (brushes, scrapers etc.), preventing from damaging the expensive paint and varnish anti-fouling or anti-corrosive coating, but the surface may have been cleaned up to the “white metal” condition, if required. Unlike the existing high-pressure cleaning methods, our devices’ productivity is 5 to 10 times higher, at that the operative pressure comprises only 100 – 200 bar. Moreover, the supplied CAVI-JET SYSTEMS are absolutely injury safe, mobile, not bulky, and at the same time they allow adhering the mostly strict environmental control standards’ requirements. It is of not lesser importance that the mechanisms and equipment batching parts, being included into various furnishings, have a high error-free running time, i.e., operational reliability and do not require frequent servicing and consumable materials’ replacement.

The batch of equipment supplied might have included both the cleaning devices of different capacity and destination – SEMI-AUTOMATED CAVI-JET HEADS of different diameters and productivity values for cleaning of flat and large area surfaces, MULTIJET CAVI-JET PISTOLS for the curvilinear surfaces and hard-to-reach places, POLISHING DEVICES for cleaning and polishing marine propellers, and the SYSTEMS to clean waterworks and other over- and under-water & land facilities. Depending on fouling & contamination and condition and thickness, at simultaneous working of two and more divers, our equipment allows achieving excellent cleaning results, both on quality and on productivity – more than 1,000 sq.m. an hour.

To provide CAVI-JET SYSTEMS’ functioning, the standard water supply pumping stations of various modifications and capacities, of both foreign and Russian origin are used, which might have been supplied and adjusted by our Company, if required. It is important, that in case of necessity to clean the surface of facilities of different destination (rigs, vessels, piers, moles, buildings etc.), our equipment might have been additionally equipped with appropriate special devices, which would allow to solve the tasks of both under-water and over-water cleaning in COMPLEX.

You will easily find detailed description of different likely CAVI-JET SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT furnishings and compositions, specific features and areas of various devices’ application in our web-portal: To improve as much as possible the tasks of CAVI-JET TECHNOLOGIES’ implementation for both specialized companies and for their new potential and repeat customers, we have especially developed New English and Spanish versions of our web-site - and announcement & technical prospects, and in the time to come the hot-line for all our partners, customers and other interested parties will be organized.

If necessary, you can always ask for additional information, including videos of the works being accomplished, operating manuals, recommendations, references, certificates, photos with the new devices’ models, advanced developments, and consult on any technical and organizational issues.

Our technicians and engineers are ready to mantle, adjust, get started and adapt the delivered equipment practically for any specific tasks and in undertime, and our management team is ready to support you in all the stages of its operation and servicing. Our specialists will always provide you support, and the new devices’ models being developed with regard of your requests and specifics of the regional activities, might be delivered immediately after acceptance testing would be conducted.

Flexible partnership conditions, possibilities to use different financial, credit, franchising and leasing systems, will allow to find and install the optimal cooperation schemes, being profitable for all the company without exclusion, regardless on their development level and positioning in the update market.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on any issues concerning furnishing, terms of delivery and strategic regional partnership conditions (regional representation) to the Russian office of the LIMPIEZA PUROTECNICA S.A.

We are sure that our collaboration will be long-termed and mutually beneficial.


Sincerely yours,

Limpieza Purotecnica S.A.
Management team

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