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LIMPIEZA PUROTECNICA S.A. and underwater services

The Spanish company Limpieza Purotecnica S.A. had been especially founded in the year of 2000 to introduce and promote to the international market the innovative CAVI-JET TECHNOLOGY and its own, especially developed and patented high-productive and environmentally friendly CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT for cleaning the over-water and underwater facilities.

The staff of the company being highly qualified both in the area of design development and modernization of the newest CAVI-JET SYSTEMS for underwater cleaning, and in the area of specialized underwater work, allows us to achieve maximum outcomes in the shortest possible time with maintaining high quality. Our team of qualified guiding managers and experts in various areas help, even more successfully and promptly, to expand geographical coverage of the company's new technologies and equipment promotion in all regions without exceptions, all over the world market. Mutually beneficial partnerships with companies of similar occupation, providing similar work and activities, allows us to grant our customers a FULL COMPLEX and ENTIRE SPECTRUM of facilities’ underwater and over-water services.

The CAVI-JET DEVICES’ variety renders to the LIMPIEZA PUROTECNICA S.A . Company’s PARTNERS an opportunity to clean in a high-quality and quick manner quite different facilities, starting from hulls: tankers, bulk-carriers, small yachts, launches and boats, and crowning with under- and over-water parts of the waterworks: offshore oil and gas producing platforms, deepwater gas and oil ducts, moorings, quay piers, open piers, terminals. At that, the high productiveness when cleaning the fouling of quite different types, origin and thickness both on the big area flat surfaces and in the hard-to-get complicated curvilinear spaces is achieved due to the opportunity to use the CAVI-JET SYSTEMS around the clock, and also their reliability, portability and easiness to operate.

The unique CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT, when used, demonstrates excellent results like super-productivity, cost-efficiency and environmental safety, being confirmed by the REFERENCES and REPORTS from numerous companies all over the world, dealing with both underwater servicing works and operation of the sea-craft, waterworks and oil & gas producing facilities.

The unique innovative CAVI-JET TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT , combined with the professionalism of the Limpieza Purotecnica S.A. personnel, allows its PARTNERS and CUSTOMERS significantly to reduce time and material expenses for underwater works, remaining completely satisfied with the quality of rendered services.

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