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Cavi-Jet Technology
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The newest unique developed and patented CAVI-JET TECHNOLOGY and EQUIPMENT are destined to clean the under – and over-water facilities:

Application of the Cavi-Jet Technology

  • Sea and river vessels of different types – tankers, bulk-carriers, container ships, bulkers, passenger and war ships, trawlers, special vessels, cruisers and yachts
  • Offshore gas and oil recovery platforms and their bearing constructions, trade operations and exploration drill boring server
  • Oil-loading terminals, underwater transport and gas pipelines of deep-seated position
  • Stationary waterworks – piers, moorings, moles, bridges and other sea and river area facilities

Video/Photo Demonstration

CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT, using salt or fresh water supplied under insignificant pressure - 150 bar and flow rate 150 liters a minute (the standard pumping devices), creates a high-speed cavi jet, being a jet of water with microscopic gas & steam bubbles, which collapse when touching the surface treated. Rust and fouling are destroyed, and the cleaning products released from the work zone due to directed collapse of the bubbles in the cavitation jet, which produces a micro-explosion with the pressure up to 150, 000 bar in the treatment point.

Cavi-Jet pistol Cavi-Jet  head

CAVI-JET SYSTEMS AND CLEANING DEVICES, using the hydro dynamic cavitations effect, are developed especially to provide high-quality and rapid destruction & removal of the biological fouling of any composition and thickness (sea algae, mollusks, shells etc.), rust and exfoliated paint without damaging the basic paint and varnish anti-fouling and anti-corrosive coating on the treated surface. The desired cleaning grade of the surfaces of any forms, dimensions and materials is achieved by means of the safe cavitating jet generator’s operation mode.


CAVITATION (from the Latin word cavitas – emptiness, cavity) – formation of the gas-, steam- or the gas-steam-mixture-filled cavities (cavitation bubbles) in the jet of a liquid.

Cavitation appears due to the local pressure decrease in the liquid, which may occur either resulting from its velocity increase (the hydro dynamic cavitation) or due to the passing of the powerful acoustic wave during the underpressure half-period.

Cavitation chamber

Moving with the flow into the area of higher pressure, or during the compression half-period, the cavitation bubble collapses, thus generating the shock wave.

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New Era in Underwater Cleaning