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Cavi-Jet Technology
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The unique CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT is destined to provide effective cleaning of any types of stationary over- and under-water located waterworks, disregarded to the fouling structure and thickness, and the form & area of the surface being treated:

  • piers, moorings, moles
  • yacht stands and drifting systems
  • port constructions and facilities
  • diversion and fencing lattices
  • pipelines and filling systems
  • bridges, supports and footings of any geometry and material
  • pools of any shape, area and destination

Cavitational technologies’ principle, being the basic principle of the CAVI-JET DEVICES’ working, allows cleaning with constant productivity both metallic, plastic, wooden surfaces and cement concrete footings, poling, bases, and other construction located both in the fresh and salt water area.

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New Era in Underwater Cleaning